Healing Crystal Jewelry

In the last few years, crystal healing has gained a lot of popularity.

It's a treatment where crystal/stone (at treatment centers) or jewelry (daily basis) were used to cleanse away bad energy while allowing positive energy to flow into the body.

Many people believe that the practice of crystal healing is an technique of ancient Sumerians or ancient Egyptians.

But actually the modern practice is based on Asian cultures, especially the concept of Yin-Yang (from China) and chakras (from Hinduism). Both have the same principle that show a strong connection between the energy inside and the physical body outside.

Usually during a treatment, various crystal/stones are placed on your body that aligned with 7 main chakra points. Depended on the patient, different crystals/stones are chosen and placed accordingly to help heal and balance the energy inside the body.

Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury to have access to treatment centers, that's where the jewelry plays it part. Made from natural stones/crystals, they still have the same healing effect to cleanse your mind and body.

If you don't have time, money or accessibility then these jewelries are perfect for you.