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Peacock Feathers Dreamcatcher

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For a long time, dreamcatchers have been one of the most recognizable icons of the Native American culture.

Ancient Native Americans first used them to protect the children in their sleep. They believe that when nighttime comes, both good and bad dreams are circulating in the air. To prevent bad dreams to get to the children, a dreamcatcher is held above their bed with a really special design. 

The dreamcatcher was made with a spider web inside a wooden hoop. The spider web acts as a "dream filter", it would attract all kind of dreams to it. Good dreams are allowed to pass through it then gently slide down to the child below. However, bad dreams are caught inside the web. Once the first light of dawn comes, they will perished forever.

Nowadays, dreamcatchers have been popularized and used by many as a protection charm.

This unique dreamcatcher is handmade using peacock feathers as a finishing touch. Peacock feather has been considered by many cultures and religion as a powerful and mythical symbol. It's a symbol of immortality, renewal, wisdom, integrity and beauty. It's also has spiritual healing energy which helps bring harmony and balance to anyone.

Product Details:

          *Material: Iron Circle, Peacock Feathers + Bead.

          *Total Length: 50-55cm (19.7-21.6in) 

          *Feather Length: 5-10cm/15-20cm (1.9-3.9in/5.9-7.9in) 

          *Diameter: 13cm (5.1in) 

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