7 Chakras Meditation Tapestry For Sale

7 Chakras Meditation Tapestry

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Why Buy Meditation Tapestry?

If you're looking for a new decorative addition to your home then this "7 Chakras" multi-functional tapestry is perfect for you!

Doesn't matter where you use it and what you use it for, from the beautiful beach to a peaceful room, from hanging it on the wall to using it when you mediate, this tapestry can do a perfect job. With an unique design, you can be sure that this tapestry will brighten your house like no other.

As you might already know, in Yoga and Meditatio, chakras are the "wheels" of energy that located in your body - from the top of your head to the last point of your spine. These "wheels" are the secret to maintain a balance in your body and spirit.

Throughout your body, there are 7 main chakras that you have to pay attention to:

1. The Root Chakra - bring calmness to your life and the ability to overcome hardships.

2. The Sacral Chakra - the key to your creativity and determination.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra - your source of self-esteem for your everyday life.

4. The Heart Chakra - the energy that fuels your love life.

5. The Throat Chakra - if you're having trouble expressing yourself then this is the energy that you have to work on.

6. The Third Eye Chakra - the guidance for your intuition

7. The Crown Chakra - the bridge that connects you with the divine force. 

Product Details:

       *Size: 130x200cm (51.2x78.7in)

       *Material: Polyester

       *Pattern: Printed (one side)

*Shipping time is usually between 10-15 business days (to the US) and 15-35 business days (to the rest of the world). Tracking information will be sent via email after the item is shipped*