Anti Cold Fleece Ski Mask

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Why Buy Anti Cold Fleece Ski Mask?

For outdoor enthusiasts, winter can be such a hard thing to deal with. Even with people who love winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, the cold of winter is still something that can't be neglected.

Worry no more, we proudly introduce you the brand-new Anti Cold Fleece Mask. Providing full frontal coverage, from your ear down to your neck, winter is suddenly not as horrifying as it usually anymore. Perfect for anyone who like participating in outdoor sports, activities or simple someone who want to spend a whole day outside without catching a cold.


        *Provides ear, neck, mouth and nose protection.

        *Comes with a breathing hole.

        *Adjustable straps to fit most sizes.

        *Made from neoprene and thermal material to keeping the heat inside.

Product details:

        *Package Include: 1x Mask.

        *Size: 24x25cm (9.4x9.8in)

        *Available colors: Red, Blue, Black.

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