Aquarelle Brush Coloring Pens

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Why Buy Aquarelle Brush Pens?

If your biggest passion in life is drawing and painting then you probably have faced the biggest struggle: staying organized when you're doing your favorite thing. 

There are so many thing in one painting that before you know it, your table is filled with different markers.

But there is a solution for that.

Meet our special Aquarelle Coloring Brush - the 2-in-1 markers that every aspiring painter needs!

By combining both brush tip and fine tip into one, you still have access to the same tool that you'll need while staying organized and improving your efficiency.

Comes in 5 different package sizes, this set is perfect for anyone, from starter to professional painters. 

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Product Details:

          *Package Quantity: 12/24/36/48/80 colors/set
          *Ink Type: Water Based
          *Pen Type: Twin Head (Brush & Fine tip)
          *Usage: Sketching, Drawing, Painting and more.

Why Choose Aquarelle Marker Over Aquarelle Brush?

Unlike traditional watercolor, brush markers are the mess-free package while still providing all necessity features for artists. Just like watercolors, you can do wonderful things with them by blending with water. But unlike traditional watercolors, you don't have to pay extreme attention to them, feel free to put the whole set in your bags and carry them anyway you like without worrying about anything.

One of the best things about markers compare to brush is they're extremely lightweight, small and easy to cleanup after using. If you're an artist who doesn't have much space then this is the ideal package for you!

As you can see, they're pretty much similar when it comes to features but there are still some differences between them. While most traditional watercolor use pigments, these brand-new markers are dye based. Also note that Aquarelle pens are more intense and they're just like normal markers, they can leave create "marker lines" if you press them too hard.

How To Use Aquarelle Brush Pens?

Below are some of our best tips on how to use these awesome pens to create the gorgeous drawings that you've always wanted. Good luck!

1. Blending

You can easily blend these markers with a lot of things to create different effects and feels. There are many different ways on how to do this, a good way to start is to watch the short video and suggestions below!

a. Already Have A Palette? Use It!

You can also use a palette: scribble with your makers until you create a small ink puddle. Want to create a totally new hue? You another color and blend them together then pick it up with your brush or colorless pen. Here is a small tip: if you want to create an ombre effect, simply use another color of your choice, put the tip of the marker on top of the ink puddle then your imagination goes wild!

b. Becomes 1 With Water.

As we said earlier, these pens can be blended easily with water. You can put two colors of your choice next to each other, then grab a wet brush and work them together until the effect comes out to your liking.

c. Blend Using Multiple Pens

Did we tell you that these pens can also be blended with each other? Yes, you can blend them without water as well. You can keep all the intense of the color while leaving no hard edges when they dry. Remember to use common sense when using this method though, you don't want to using a dark marker to blend two light colors with each other.

d. Just A Simple Touch Is Enough

Want to create new color without a palette? Simply bring out two markers of your choice and touch their tips together and you're ready to create a quick gradient effect.

2. Creating Soft Watercolor Effects

Unlike traditional watercolors, these pens can create an intense and consistent color. If you want to soften them then below is a few ways that you can try.

a. You Can Use Water, Again!

Use the pen as you normally do but then use a wet brush to dilute it, that will remove the hard edge and the intensity of the original color. Wait for it to dry and continue doing your things.

b. Borrow Color From The Pens

If you want to use the color without too much intensity then you can use a wet brush and touch the tip of the marker, that way you still have the color you need but with softer feel. Or you can use a palette like above (see Blending section)

c. Directly Dip The Marker In Water

If you don't have access to a brush then you can dip the tip of the maker in water. It maybe not effective like all other methods but the color will be softer than normal.

3. How To Create Texture And Depth

Below are some suggestions you can see the next time you want to create these effects for your arts:

a. Spray With Water

Once you have colored the desired areas, simply drop water on top of that. This will create a bubbly effect for that area. Be careful with the size of water though because you might ruin it. It all depends on your needs and desires.

b. Use Water On Both Paper And Palette

First, you need to spread the color on your paper. Then spray both the paper and your palette, that will make your colors more fluid and softer. Now press them together and lift your paper up, you can see that all the colors are not blended perfectly. Press them several times to layer different colors and effects on top. You can try using more or less water to create different outcomes.

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