Black Obsidian Buddha Pendant Necklace

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Why Buy Black Obsidian Buddha Pendant Necklace?

This Buddha pendant necklace carved from Black Obsidian stone is finely made by the most skilled artisan.

The Buddha Head has a big impact on student of Buddhism. It brings a calm and peaceful energy to them just by having Buddha presence around. Calmness will bring more balance to your life and your yang energy as well.

Besides, Black Obsidian Stone is a stone that can perish the negativity energy around you. There are many different types of obsidian on this planet such as gold, silver, violet and even rainbow but the Black stone is a special one. It has a deep connection with a person on a psychological level. It can bring balance to the energy of the "Third Eye" chakra to give you the ability to clearly see the world around you.

Item Details:

          *Stone: Black Obsidian

          *Pendant: 45x40x20mm (1.8x1.6x0.8in)

          *Length: 71cm (28in)

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