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Black Obsidian "Dragon & Phoenix" Bagua Pendant Necklace

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Why Buy Obsidian Bagua Pendant Necklace?

The Bagua and the "Dragon & Phoenix" symbol in this pendant necklace play an important part in Feng Shui and Chinese culture.

Bugua Symbol Meaning

Bagua is one of many tools people use to analyze the energy in any place, from your home to your office. It's a "map" that shows a connection between each specific area and each aspect of your life.

In Chinese, Bagua means "8 areas". Those "8 areas" are the most important aspect of everyone life. They are:

       *Wealth & Abundance

       *Helpful People & Blessings

       *Love & Marriage

       *Fame & Reputation

       *Creativity & Children

       *Career & Path in Life

       *Health & Family

       *Spiritual Growth & Cultivation

Chinese Dragon & Phoenix Symbol Meaning

On the other hand, Dragon and Phoenix are two of the four powerful celestial animals in Chinese mythology. The Dragon represents Yin while the Phoenix represents Yang. They are a "couple" in Feng Shui that creates a balance Yin-Yang energy.

They're a symbol of eternity and everlasting love. Chinese people believe that the Dragon brings in luck, wisdom, prosperity and success to the man while the Phoenix gives its blessing to the women counterpart.

All those powerful symbols from Feng Shui are carved on a beautiful natural black obsidian stone. The Black Obsidian stone is also a powerful spiritual stone. It has been used for centuries as a barrier against negativity and mental stress. It's believed to have the power to negate bad energy from the outside and cleanse the energy from within. If you're dealing with a lot of struggles in your life then carrying a black obsidian stone can help you.

Product Details:

       *Necklace Type: Rope

       *Stone: Black Obsidian

       *Pendant Size: 4.8x4.8x1.1cm (1.9x1.9x0.4in)

       *Chain Length: 50-80cm (19.7-31.5in) (adjustable)

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