Black Obsidian Guanyin Pendant Necklace

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Why Buy Obsidian Guanyin Pendant Necklace?

This unique GuanYin Pendant Necklace is made of Black Obsidian Stone by artisans with years of experience.

GuanYin, or Kuan-shi Yin is a mother-goddess. She represents kindness, compassion and love. Reborn and equipped with thousands arms with eye on each arm to see and reach out to all the people that need help. She is a always there to remind you of humility and compassion for people.

On the other hand, Obsidian is a powerful stone that forms a barrier against stress and negativity from the surroundings. It also draws out the mental stress and brings awareness to your mind as well. The Black stone is particular is a really special stone. It improves your self-control ability, helps balancing both your inner and outer selves. If you're facing struggles in your life and you need some help to move forward then the Black Obsidian is the way to go.

Item Details:

       *Stone: Black Obsidian

       *Length (min-max): 32.5-42cm (12.8-16.5in)

       *Pendant Size:  4.8x1.4cm (1.9x0.5in)

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