Cat Self Corner Groomer

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Why Buy Cat Self Corner Groomer?

If your cats are having trouble with grooming while you're not around then this Cat Self Corner Groomer is the perfect solution for you!

Did you know that cats spend almost 50% of their times in a day to groom? It's not only a way for cats to keep themselves in good shape but also has many benefits for them as well.

It removes loose hair on their bodies and removes harmful factors such as dirt or parasites off of them. It also shows the level of wellness of the cat as emotional or physical illness may trigger them to groom excessively so pay attention. Finally, well groomed fur is essential for air circulation against the skin.

Now you don't have to spend time or pay attention to how your cat is grooming anymore. The Cat Self Groomer is a all-in-one groomer for cat. It helps them groom with easy while collecting loose hair so you can clean up easier afterwards.

Comes with a special rack that you can pour catnip in, your cat will enjoy their time while the cat nip will help relieve their stresses throughout the day. A bag of catnip is included in a package!

Easy to install on any corner or wall, this is a must-have tool for any cat owner!

Product Details:

    *Package Included:1x Cat Self Corner Groomer, 1x Catnip Bag, 4x Self-tapping screws, 4x Sponge Double-Sided Adhesive

    *Color: Blue

    *Size: 9*13cm (3.5x5.1in)

    *Material: Plastic

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