Coloured Wax For Hair

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Why Buy Hair Coloured Wax?

Start your day in style with these unique Coloured Japanese Hair Wax.

Comes in 7 stunning colours, you can change your hairstyle everyday to fit your outfit!


     *Easy Hair Styling: a multi-functional pomade that brings a new life to your hairstyle: changing colour while giving it enough volume to stand out. This is the perfect product for anyone who is into fashion.

     *Save Your Time AND Money: now you don't have to visit a hair salon every time and pay huge money to get your hair dyed anymore. Just pick this wax up and change your hair into whatever colour you like. 

     *Perfect Result With Minimal Commitment: getting your hair dyed at hair salon is expensive and you can't easily wash it off yourself. But worry not, this wax gives you the same result while giving you the ability to easily wash it off anytime you want.


      1. Wash your hair thoroughly.

      2. Get a quarter-sized wax and place on both palm. Slowly rub them together to warm the wax up.

      3. Slowly apply to your hair, from root to top.

Product details:

     *Package Included: 1x Hair Wax (130g)

     *Available Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Light Gray, White.

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