Corgi Butt Purse & Handbag

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Why Buy Corgi Butt Purse & Handbag?

Can't help but fall in love with corgis? 

Looking for new cute accessories to use on a daily basis?

Then these corgi butt purse and handbag might be perfect for you!

Corgi is a wonderful breed for any household. They are smart, athletic, outgoing and polite with guests and other dogs. But the most lovely thing about them is definitely their butts! Their soft, heart-shaped jiggly butts will immediately put a smile on anyone face at anytime.

Product details:

        *Purse Size: 11x13cm (4.3x5.1in)
        *Handbag Size: 20x22cm (7.9x8.7in)
        *Material: Plush

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