Crescent Moon Hair Clip

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Why Buy Crescent Moon Hair Clip?

With an unique design, this magical Crescent Moon hair clip is an item that can compliment any outfit in your wardrobe. 

All life on planet Earth is under the influence of the Moon, especially those who live in the dark and see the Moon as their mighty see through eyes. When the moon rises, it brings out the hidden faces in us all.

The crescent moon is a magical yet pure symbol. It symbolize a connection that we established with our ancestors. The crescent moon also has many phases, it represent the many different traits and personality of different people. Many of them can not be seen in the daylight, they only come out when they feel safe under the moonlight. 

Product details:

          *Material: Zinc Alloy
14cm (5.51in)
Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold.

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