Curling Hair Dryer Extension Tube

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Why Buy Curling Hair Dryer Extension?

When it comes to making curly hair, most people will immediate think of curling iron. 

Unfortunately, it's still a tool that take a look of time to learn how to use properly and master. Besides, it put your hands at risk of getting burn because of the heat. If you're not careful with your hands movement then getting burn is unavoidable. That's the reason why most people still go to hair salons for it.

But sometimes you just want a little twist, a little change in your hair, you don't want to spend big money on a hairstyle that you only want to rock for few days. That's when this Curling Hair Dryer Extension Tube comes to the rescue.

Just by simply attach it to your dryer, parting a section that need to be taken care of then put it in the tube and let the hot air do the work for you. Now you can get that curly hair you want in seconds! 

Product Details:

     *Package Include: 1x Curling Hair Dryer Extension

     *Material: Plastic+ Rubber

     *Diameter: 6cm 

     *Size: 20x15cm 

     *Weight: 178g

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