Easy Out Screw Extractor

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Why Buy Easy Out Screw Extractor?

Have your ever got in trouble with a damaged screw before? If "yes" is your answer then you understand how frustrating the experience is. 

You waste your previous time and energy over something that was already broken. Unfortunately, sometimes you success but most of the time you don't.

Worry not, meet the Easy Out Screw Extractor - the all-in-one multi tool for any household. Light weight, easy to use and multi functional, this is a must-have tool for anyone. Doesn't matter if you're a mechanics, carpenter or people who love DIY, Easy Out is perfect for you.

Now you can save yourself from all the troubles and frustration. With the help of Easy Out, you can easily remove any kind of screws in under 10 seconds. Better than that, you can use the it both as a removal and drill device just by switching the head. Isn't that wonderful?

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Product details:

       *Material: Steel Alloy.

       *Package: 1 Easy Out Screw Extractor Set (4 drills)


               #1: 3-5mm

               #2: 4-8mm

               #3: 5-10mm

               #4: 6-12mm

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