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EasyDesk™ - The Adjustable Laptop Desk

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Why Buy EasyDesk™?

Imagine yourself coming back to your house after working all day with in the office. Now you just want to rest comfortably and watch a movie on your laptop. But putting your laptop on your lap is too troublesome: the heat is too much for you to handle as your laptop getting hotter, the posture is awkward as hell to put up with all night. 

So what's the best choice for you now?

Meet EasyDesk™ - the "all-in-one" adjustable laptop desk. Doesn't matter when or where you use your laptop, this wonderful desk will bring you the best experience. Designed with holes on top for maximum venting and also fully adjustable to meet your needs in every situation. Working or relaxing on a couch or a bed has never been easier. Not only that but you can use this as a "standing desk" as well. Simply put the desk on top of your regular desk, adjust the height to fit you and now you're ready to bump up your productivity at work! 


         *Versatile - Can be used on couch, bed and even floor. Can be adjusted to be a sitting or standing desk, whatever you like.

         *Durable - Made from high quality Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy, this desk will be your best buddy for a long time to come.

         *Comes With A Panel - Can be used as a mouse pad or drink holder.

         *Light Weight - Bring this wonderful 1.2kg (2.65lbs) desk with you anywhere without much hassle.

         *Adjustable - Fully adjustable to be any height you want.

         *Multi-Functional: the EasyDesk™ can be used as Eating Tray, Standing Desk, Writing/Reading Desk, Gaming Table, Keyboard Holder, Cooling Pad or whatever you want to use it for!

Product details:

         *Weight: 1.2kg (2.65lbs)
         *Available Colors:
Pink , Black.
         *Desk Size: 
(LxWxH): 42x26x49cm (16.5x18.1x19.3in)
         *Mouse Panel Size: 15x16cm (5.9x6.3in)

*Shipping time is usually between 10-15 business days (to the US) and 15-35 business days (to the rest of the world). Tracking information will be sent via email after the item is shipped*