Fingerprint Bookmarks

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Why Buy Fingerprint Bookmarks?

For book lovers, tracing back to where they were the last time they put the book down is a troublesome task. Most will just fold a small corner of the page as a mark but it will ruin the book. Some will use bookmarks but the problem with them is they do not mark exactly where you stop.

No worries, we have a solution for you! 

Introducing the Fingerprint Bookmark, the perfect bookmark for anyone.

Made from high quality, durable silicone, these special bookmarks is able to stretch and fit books of any sizes. Now you don't have to deal with folding corner of your books anymore, these helpful finger will not only mark the page but also the exact place where you stop so you can enjoy the book immediately the next time you open it.

Product Details:

     *Package Included: 6x Fingerprint Bookmark.

     *Material: Silicone.

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