Military Grade Green Laser Pointer For Sale

Military Grade Green Laser Pointer

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Why Buy Military Grade Laser?

Looking for the best laser pointer for the money? Then you've come to the right place.

We proudly present to you this special innovative green military grade laser pointer that can shoot for the sky.

Doesn't matter if you're a laser enthusiast or just curious about gadget and innovation around the world, laser is one of the most versatile innovation on this planet! You can use it to play with your pets, to present a new project or simply just play with it in the night. Even in case of emergency, laser can be more bright and reach even farther than normal flashlight. Build with long lasting battery that can last up to 8000 hours light life and ultra-high power, this pointer can even be used to light a lighter or cigarette.

If an idea of a multi-functional and versatile laser pointer sounds good to you then this one is perfect for you! Grab the one of the brightest lasers on the market for you today!


         *Material: Aircraft Aluminum 

         *Function: On/Off button (with safety lock)

         *Mode: Adjustable.

         *Battery Life: up to 8000 hours. 

         *Range:  up to 2000 meters.


         *Output power: 5mW 

         *Laser Color: Green 

         *Dimensions: 16×2.2×2.2cm (6.3x0.87x0.87in)

         *Weight: 112g 

Package Include:

         *1x Laser Pointer 

         *1x 18650 Battery

         *1x US/EU Charger (please choose above)

Instructions Note: 

1. External temperature can have big impact on the laser performance. If the temperature outside is lower compares to inside then please warm up the pointer for 5 minutes.

2. DO NOT point it to your eyes!

3. Turn it off after long use for ensure long lasting light bulb.

4. Want to light a match? Adjust the focal length to the largest and place the match 6-10cm (2.36-3.94in) away from the laser and turn it on. 

*Shipping time is usually between 10-15 business days (to the US) and 15-35 business days (to the rest of the world). Tracking information will be sent via email after the item is shipped*