Laser Cat Collar For Sale

Laser Cat Collar

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Why Buy Laser Cat Collar?

Having trouble encouraging your cats to exercise?

Looking for a way to keep your cat entertained while you're busy?

Then check out this Laser Cat Collar - the multi-functional item perfect for any cat.

With a simple hook design, you don't have to overcomplicate the installation process. Just hook it onto your cat collar, turn it on and watch how your cats react to it!

Comes with 2 lightning modes (flashing - steady), you can change the mode to suit your cat the most. Now you can watch your cat plays and interacts with it for a long time without them being bored.

Product Details:

   *Package Included: 1x Laser Cat Collar (collar not included)

   *Material: Plastic ABS

   *Available Color: White/Blue/Red/Pink

   *Size (LxWxH): 42x25x48mm

   *Power: 5 mW

   *Laser Pattern: Red Dot

Notes: Do not point the laser directly at eyes of people or animals.

*Shipping time is usually between 10-15 business days (to the US) and 15-35 business days (to the rest of the world). Tracking information will be sent via email after the item is shipped*