LED Rave Mask

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Why Buy LED Rave Mask?

Ravers, are you looking around for a cool, brand-new item for your next event?

Then this LED Rave Mask might be what you're looking for!

Made from high quality soft material for extra comfort, you can rock these masks for hours without feeling anything at all.


      *Sound-Activated LED Lights: comes with a innovative design, these masks are made to detect sound in the surroundings and adjust their lightning effect based on that. The louder the sound, the better the effect.

      *Long Battery Hours: required only 2 AAA batteries for up to 7 hours of continuously play, these bad boys will make you stand out all night long.

Product Details:

      *Package Include: 1x LED Rave Mask.

      *Energy Source: 2*AAA battery (not included)

      *Material: Polyester

      *23 Designs Available!

LED Rave Mask Review:


A cool product at a really low price. Once there is music or people talking around, the mask will light up and change its color depends on beat. Comfortable, lightweight and can be easily worn without feeling uncomfortable. Perfect for many occasions: Halloween, night parties, night clubs, EDM festivals,etc.


If you're wearing glasses then your glass can get foggy, but it happens with almost every other mask.


Q: Is it a full head or only mouth mask?

A: It's an only mouth mask.

Q: Can it be use as dust mask?

A: No, this is just an accessories for parties.

Q: Is it on all the time?

A: No, it will only turn on when there is sound around.

Q: If there is no music and only talking, will the mask turn on?

A: Yes.

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