Magic Slicer The 12-in-1 Cooking Tool For Sale

Magic Slicer - The 12-in-1 Cooking Tool

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Why Buy Magic Slicer?

The biggest problem that every cooking enthusiast has to face is staying organized in the kitchen. There are so many different foods that require different tools, especially if you're cooking for a big family or party. Now your kitchen is filled in a blink of an eye. 

Working in a messy kitchen does not only reduce your efficiency but also have the potential to cause serious harm for you and everyone around as well.

If you see yourself in that situation too many times then it's finally time for a change!

Meet Magic Slicer - the 12-in-1, multi-functional cooking tool that is a must-have in every kitchen.


          *Comes with a holder and 5 easy-to-install interchangeable blades. Included hand protector and finger guard to guarantee safety for your fingers and hand every time you use them! The blade holder has a big container below to store all the fruits/veggies after you finish cutting them..

          *Multi-functional tool that is easy to clean and use. Can be used to slice every fruits/veggies that you'll ever need in your kitchen. The blades are easy to install, clean and store.

          *A 12-in-1 tool that is lightweight and does not take a lot of space in your kitchen.

          *Unique Anti-Slip technology: as you're busying with cooking, the kitchen can get wet without you knowing it. With the Anti-Slip pad below the container, you won't have to worry about the whole thing slips. (Tips: you still want to place a dry soft cloth below it for maximum safety)

          *Made from BPA-free, Food-grade ABS plastic; comes with 5 sharp stainless steel blades for maximum efficiency and safety in the kitchen..

          *A total time-saver: easy to setup, easy to use and do its job really FAST. Now you can make a salad or toppings for your foods in seconds without any hassle.

12-in-1 Magic Slicer Reviews


          *The Magic Slicer does its job which is chopping veggies perfectly. The moment when it shines the most is where you're cutting various types of different vegetables, it will save you a ton of time. Remember to use a bit of common sense before using it. For example, don't put a whole onion inside, try cutting it down in half then put it in, you will see great result.


          *Sometimes the clean up afterward can be troublesome.


Q: Can I adjust the slicer thickness?

A: No, but it comes with different sizes blades.

Q: What is the dimensions of this tool?

A: Width: 4in, Length: 10in, Height: 4,5in

Product details:

          *Package Include: 1x Magic Slicer (1 Holder/Container + 5 Blades)

          *Weight: 1.1kg (2.42lbs)

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