Mermaid's Tear Necklace

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Why Buy Mermaid's Tear Necklace?

A beautiful glass necklace that represents the magical mermaid's tear.

Have you heard about the legend of the crying mermaid?

God of the sea, Neptune, forbids all mermaids to change the course of nature using their abilities. But over time, one mermaid who was swimming along with a ship had fallen in love with the captain. 

One night, there were a terrible storm that shaken the ocean and the ship couldn't hold on any longer. That was when the mermaid came in. She used every bit of her abilities to change the winds and the waves, saving that man life. The news got to Neptune really fast. He angrily banished her to the deepest part of the ocean for eternity.

Everyday she cries and her tears are truly the symbol of true love and self-sacrifice.

Product details:

          *Necklace Type: Snake Chain
          *Material: Glass (11 available colors)
          *Pendant Size: 10x14mm (0.39x0.55in)
          *Length: 45cm (17.72in)

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