Natural Black Obsidian Dragon Pendant Necklace

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Why Buy Black Obsidian Dragon Pendant Necklace?

Beautifully carved on a natural black obsidian stone, this dragon pendant necklace is a one-of-a-kind item.

Dragon is one of the 4 most powerful celestial animals of Chinese mythology. It can control water, rainfall and typhoons. Not only that, it is also a symbol of power, wisdom, prosperity for worthy people. That's why Chinese emperor chose dragon as the symbol of strength and power. Nowadays, dragon is still being used as a comparison with extremely talent and excellence people.

In Feng Shui, dragon is also a powerful figure. Represent the Yang energy, it can empower the energy in every male individual. 

The black obsidian stone is a powerful cleansing stone. It has the power to create a barrier that protect any individual against negativity. It can also purify the mental stress and bad energy from within. If you're having problems with your life then consider carrying a black obsidian stone with you.

Product Details:

         *Stone: Black Obsidian

         *Pendant Size: 55x42mm (2.16x1.65in)

         *Necklace Types: Beads - Rope.

         *Necklace Length: 55 cm (21.6in)

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