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Obsidian Wolf Pendant Necklace

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Why Buy Obsidian Wolf Pendant Necklace?

Wolves are one unique breed in the animal kingdom!

They are one of the most feared and respected breeds in the wild at the same time. Even the strongest animal would not engage a wolf alone. That's why they've been considered the symbol of power and wisdom by many cultures.

Wolves have some of the most amazing attributes such as:





      *Strong Intuition




On the other hand, this pendant necklace is made of Black Obsidian Stone - a powerful stone that can negate negativity in your surrounding. Even though there are many different obsidian stone that you can find worldwide, the Black stone has a special power on an psychological level. It also resonate really well with your "Third Eye" chakra - the chakra that gives you the ability to see a bigger picture and make decision in your life.

Product Details:

       *Stone: Black Obsidian

       *Pendant Size: 5x3.8x0.8cm (1.9x1.5x0.3in)

       *Beads: 6mm

Side note: The Chinese Word on the stone is -means to Soar.

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