Embroidery Pen Set

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Why Buy Embroidery Pen Set?

Embroidery is a hard-to-master art. Usually one has to practice each technique for a long time until they can put out a decent final product.

One of the hardest techniques is definitely the punching technique, as known as the thread painting. It's a complex technique that requires a deep understanding from the maker. When you mastered this one, the uniqueness and texture of design that you can make is limitless. 

Now punching is made easier with this Embroidery Pen! Comes with an ergonomic handle and three different needle sizes: small, medium and large. Lightweight, easy to use, you can have fun doing punching on your work and just let your creative goes wild.

Product Details:

     *Package Include: 1x Embroidery Pen Set (3 Sized Needles + 2 Threaders)

     *Material: ABS Plastic

     *Needle Size: 1.3/1.6/2.2mm(Diameter)/3.5cm(Length)

     *Handle Length: 13cm

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