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What Sunglasses Does Quavo Wear?

If you're having the same question as above then we might have the answer for you! If you take a look around his Instagram, MVs, interviews,etc, you can easily see his preferences when it comes to glasses: he always wears round shape glasses!

But if you're looking for what EXACTLY he's wearing on different occasions then we have a bad news for you: all of them are from high-end luxury brands such as Ray-Ban, Giorgio Armani, Emperor Armani, Versace, etc. For most people, investing in those luxury glasses are often out of their reach.

Worry not! You can still rock the look of Quavo easily with our brand-new sunglasses - inspired by Quavo stylish look!

Why Buy Quavo Sunglasses?

If you've gone window shopping at high-end luxury stores, you often see a huge price tag on their glasses. Cheap ones can ranged from $150-$200 while luxurious ones are limitless in prices.

But at Exotic Land, we bring you premium glasses with the same quality at an affordable prices by working directly with the manufacturer ourselves.

Now let's talk about the sunglasses themselves, what make them so special? Firstly their lenses are round in shape which is similar to Quavo favorite style. Now you can also rock his looks without breaking the bank!

When it comes to sunglasses, the lenses are definitely the main feature that we need to pay attention to. A good pair can not only make you look good, feel good but also protect your eyes from harmful rays. These sunglasses can do that job perfectly! With UV400 lenses, you're going to get a high-quality sunglasses that provide anti-UV, anti-glare and anti-radiation. These pairs will keep your eyes safe from those sunny days without sacrificing style for it.

One more great features of these glasses are their unique frames! Unlike normal frames that are usually look plain and boring, these frames are designed with a twist, literally. Besides a beautiful pattern on the bridge, your side profile will look more unique with a twist feature on the arms on both sides. Also available in multiple colors to suit different tastes and styles, these glasses will add an edgy look to your whole outfit without being over the top.

Product Details:

     *Style: Round Shape Sunglasses

     *Frame Material: Copper

     *Lenses Features: UV400.

     *Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

     *Lens Height: 4.8cm (~1.9in)

     *Lens Width: 4.8cm (~1.9in)

     *Available Colors: Gold Frame with Black Lens, Black Frame with Black Lens, Gold Frame with Clear Lens, Gold Frame with Pink Lenses, Silver Frame with Blue Lenses, Gold Frame with Blue Lenses, Gold Frame with Turquoise Lenses, Gold Frame with Red Fire Lenses, Gold Frame with Gold Lenses, Gold Frame with Lemon Lenses.

*Shipping time is usually between 10-15 business days (to the US) and 15-35 business days (to the rest of the world). Tracking information will be sent via email after the item is shipped*

Why Everyone Love Quavo Sunglasses This Season?

Besides the fact that Migos in general and Quavo in particular are the trend-setters who has huge influence all around the globe, these pair of sunglasses are actually look great at the same time. Many celebrities fashion styles are really hard to pull off in daily lives, these glasses are one of the most versatile items around. You can wear them pretty much anytime, anywhere you like, from a day off on the beach or late night party. With just a small investment, you can bring some of Quavo's unique styles to your wardrobe.

With Migos popularity sees no sign of slowing down anytime soon, you can be sure that these Quavo sunglasses are going to be one of the most seek after items this season!