Skull Dice Tower

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Why Buy Skull Dice Tower?

Have you ever wondered if your board game nights with friends are missing something?

If you're thinking about the dices then it's correct! Even though the board is where all the action is happening but everyone has to roll a dice through all the game.

Why not add a thrill factor to it and complete the theme with this Skull Dice Tower!

Even though dice towers are not completely necessary for you and your friends to enjoy a game but it does have its place. For example, if you don't have that much space but a lot of dices, a dice tower can definitely help a lot.

Now instead of rolling all the dices on the table, you can roll them on top of the tower and slowly watch as the result unfolds! Isn't that sound more interesting? Not only that but for some games where it can take over the whole board with more important things, you can experience the struggle of your dices fly all over the place. While you're immersing in the adventure with your friends, the last thing you want to do is sitting down and bring all the dices together.

Comes with an unique design of a scary skull tower, everyone will feel the chill down their spines every time a dice is rolled.

When you don't have game night? Display it on the shelf as a trophy after many hard fought battles or take it apart and store it with your game.

Product Details:

    *Package Included: 1x Skull Dice Tower.

    *Material: Wood

    *Dimensions: 16x15x10cm (6.5x6x3.5in)

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What Is A Dice Tower?

A dice tower is a tower which gamers use to roll the dices to bring out a fairer result compare to normal rolling method.

Even though you can find many different dice tower with different designs, colors and obstacles inside, they're all included the same elements.

- The tower: a hollow tower with many different obstacles along the way (often called "bafflers") that are tricky enough to turn the dices around to create the most random result.

- The ramp to let the dices roll out of the tower.

- The tray: the front part where all the dices will come out after being rolled into the tower. It usually come with a short "border" to prevent the dices from flying out of the tower and disrupting the flow of the game.

How To Use A Dice Tower?

It's really easy to use. Dices are rolled into the top then bounce off of various platforms that are setup inside before rolling out the result in the front. With the use of multiple platforms inside, dice towers can prevent cheating which is possible when the player rolls with their hands.