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Smart Sharp™

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Why Buy Smart Sharp™?

Working with a dull knife in the kitchen is not only inefficient but also really dangerous. The moment you try a bit more force to go for it can be easily turned into a disaster. That's the reason why most professional chefs advice people to work with a sharp knife.

If you're looking around for a multi-functional and compact tool for that purpose then this might be perfect for you! 

Meet the Smart Sharp™ - the only tool you'll need in your kitchen to make sure all your knives are sharp all the time. 

Comes with a small size, you can easily keep it safe and stable anywhere in your kitchen. With a cordless design, this sharpener is specially designed to sharpen even the most dull knife in seconds. With a small tray under the sharpener to catch all excess metal after the process, cleanup has never been easier. 

With how much technology devices that everyone has in their kitchens nowadays, it's really hard to find a battery-operated devices that can do a wonderful job like the Smart Sharp™. You're free from all the wires or plugs because this sharpener needs nothing else but a few battery. Besides knife sharpening, there is a dedicated slot where you can put other tools such as scissors in and sharpen them too. 

Easy to use, easy to carry around and easy to clean, this is the perfect tool that every household needs!


      *Compact size, perfect for easy storage.

      *Sharpen household tools in seconds.

      *Battery-operated, cordless device for extra convenient.

      *Trash tray for easy cleanup

Product Details:

      *Package Includes: 1x Smart Sharp™

      *Material: Carbon Steel.

      *Certification: CIQ, EEC, FDA, LFGB, CE/EU, SGS

      *Power Source: 4 AA batteries (not included)

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