Stainless Steel Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Tree Of Life Necklace

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Why Buy Tree Of Life Stainless Steel Diffuser Locket?

Enjoy your life to the fullest with our unique Stainless Steel Oil Diffuser "Tree Of Life" Locket.

In ancient time, many civilizations such as Chinese, Indian, Romans have used essential oil in cosmetics and perfumes. But not until European doctors implemented it in their treatment did aromatherapy become popular. It's a special kind of treatment without the use of drugs and medicines, it used the fragrant that were extracted from various kinds of healing plants all over the world. 

Ever since then, it has been proved to have a lot of benefits such as boost energy, relieve stress, boost immune system, improve physical and even emotional well-being.

Nowadays, you can easily find over 40 different essential oils for aromatherapy in your local and online stores.

Comes with a beautiful "Tree Of Life" pattern on top, this locket will remind you that there is always a deep connection between you and the world around you, just like the connection between your favorite essential oils and your life.


Drop a small amount of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser pad. Open the locket, put the pad inside, close it and now you can enjoy the fragrant for days.  

Get Yours Locket Today And Get 5 FREE Diffuser Pads!

Product details:

          *Pendant Size: 2.7x2.7cm (1.06x1.06in)

          *Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

          *Chain Type: Link Chain

          *Chain Length: 60cm (23.6in)

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