Damon Salvatore Ring For Sale
Stefan and Damon Salvatore Daylight Rings For Sale

Stefan and Damon Salvatore Daylight Rings

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Why Buy Stefan & Damon Salvatore Daylight Rings?

Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? Then you probably are familiar with both Stefan and Damon Salvatore - two memorable male protagonists from the series.

In the series, both of them are seen wearing their beautiful Daylight Rings which sparkle interests among the fans.

Today we proudly present to you both Stefan and Damon Salvatore Daylight Rings - the magical ring that can captivate everyone's attention in seconds.

Product Details:

    *Available Ring Size: 6-10

    *Surface Width: 13mm

    *Material: Zinc Alloy

What Is Daylight Rings?

If you've forgotten what exactly is a Daylight Ring then let us remind you. Daylight Ring is also known as Daylight Amulet is a magical piece of jewelry comes with a lapis lazuli gemstone which witches enchant it. This magical ring is so powerful that it can help vampires walk freely in sunlight without any harm.

This is the key of survival for vampires as most human do not know of the ring existence and still think vampires can only walk in the night. In Vampire Diaries, while female vampires wear various types of jewelry, male vampires only wear rings which included Damon and Stefan.

Love it? Then you will definitely love our jewelry collection!

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