Amethyst Titanium Ring

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Why Buy Titanium Amethyst Ring?

Amethyst is a special stone. It's a meditative and calming stone which negates impatience and brings balance and peace to the bearer.

Its history came back thousands years ago, when the Greeks and Romans strongly believed in the power of preventing intoxication of the amethyst that all their drinking vessels were made from this stone. Not only that but they would attached their drinking vessels with amethyst and carry this precious stone around their bodies.

On the battlefield, soldiers were seen wearing talismans made of amethyst as protection charm in battle, believing that the stone had the power to heal them and would keep them calm in any situation. Nowadays, amethyst can be found in many graves across the land of England.

Not only on a physical level, amethyst had a big impact on a spiritual level as well. Rings made of amethyst were worn by Catholic bishops to protect them from divine intoxication. When people kissed the ring, it also protected them from the same threat and helped maintaining balance in the individuals spiritual lives.

It's no doubt that amethyst is one of the most highly praised stones by ancient people and it still maintains its place till this very day. That's what make this Titanium Amethyst Ring so special.

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Product details:

     *Surface Width: 6mm
     *Stone: Cubic Zirconia
     *Material: Titanium.

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