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Why Buy Wanderlust Map?

If you're someone who has a huge passion for travelling and exploring then you probably know the thrill of each new adventure. The moment you discovered something new, you just want to share it with the whole world. That's how awesome it is.

Now you can keep track of your journal with this little wonderful tool. This special Wanderlust world map is designed just for you. The map does not only display the place that you've been at but also remind you that how much you're still missing out. Every new journey comes with a new story waiting for you to discover!

Also, you can use this wonderful map as decoration in your home, your office or wherever you wish to.

Know someone who can't live without travelling? Then this is the perfect gift for them as well. 


Use a coin and gently remove the upper layer of the place that you've been to. Now you have your own unique travelling record!

Product details:

           *Material: Paper featuring a Gold foil layer.

           *Package: 1x Wanderlust Map - Comes in a beautiful tube.

           *Map dimensions: 59.4x82.5cm (23.4x32.5in)

           *Tube dimensions: 61x6.5cm (24x2.6in)

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