Wine Bottle And Glass Necklace

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Why Buy Wine Bottle & Glass Necklace?

Who doesn't love wine?

Besides the fact that there are many different kinds of wines and they're all AWESOME, drinking wines has been scientifically proven to have many great benefits to you if use correctly. Some of those great benefits are including reduces risk of heart diseases, boosts the immune system and even reduces risk of cancer.

Now you can express your love for wines in a special way like no other. Comes with a timeless, unique design of "a wine bottle pouring into glass", adorned in 3 beautiful colors that can compliment any outfit, this lovely "Wine Bottle and Glass" necklace is a must-have statement piece for any wine lover!

Know someone who loves wine? Then this might be the perfect gift for them as well!

Product details:

         *Material: Stainless Steel

         *Pendant Size: 2cm

         *Chain Type: Link Chain

         *Chain Length: 45+4cm (17.7+1.5in)

         *Available Colors: Gold/Silver/Rose Gold.

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Why Choose Wine Bottle & Glass Necklace?

With the constant need of showing off of their customers, jewelry brands are starting to make more bold and standout jewelry. Some might like it, some might not, but when it comes to fashion, a smallest item can make or break a whole outfit.

If we're looking at everyday life outfits (school, work, etc) then you should definitely look jewelry that is subtle yet can complete the whole outfit with breaking it, something that is not standout but can be the center of attention when needed.

That's what these Wine Bottle & Glass Necklaces can do.

If you're someone who loves wine then this is not only a great piece that can show everyone your lifestyle but also make your neckline look beautiful without too much details.

Know someone who also loves wine? Then this can be their next surprise! Put a smile on their face by putting these in a box and see the expression on their face while they open it!