Zen Mandala Elephant Tapestry

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Why Buy Zen Mandala Elephant Tapestry?

Bring peace and harmony to your place with this special Zen Elephant Tapestry. A perfect multi-functional piece for any household. Available in 2 sizes with multiple stunning designs.

In eastern culture, elephant is considered one of the most significant symbols. It's really easy to see the reason for that: they have a huge presence that even the most oblivious people can not ignore. You can say that the elephant has a big influence on eastern cultures and countries.

Both Hindus and Buddhists, the two biggest religions, have deep respect for elephants. Most people thought that eastern people worship them directly but it's far from the truth. It's the qualities of the animal that they admire, not their presence alone.

For anyone who has a spiritual lifestyle, elephant is definitely a role model: they’re calm yet powerful creature, they're kind despite their sizes. They're truly the symbol of beauty, power and wisdom.

Nowadays, the presence of elephants is considered a sign of good luck and good fortune. A lot of people also believe that they bring power,strength and calmness to anyone in need.

Product Details:

    *Material: 100% Polyester

    *Technics: Woven

    *Shape: Rectangle

    *Available Size: 59x51in (150x130cm), 83x59in (210x150cm)

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